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tv   [untitled]    June 15, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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squads. basically, for years, and the supervisors have heard this. i have heard it when i have had copies out there to the cleanup programs we have had. small-business owners, when they need something, sometimes it is really difficult to figure it out. when you are expanding in your kitchen area and you have got to go through the fire marshal -- right, chief? and then go through public health then dbi, and then someone will catch you on something you forgot about planning. everybody ends up having to find time to navigate that. i know that small business owners need to focus on running their businesses. that is what they have to do. they cannot be overnight expediters for their own permits. so we need people in our shop to not only be there. we need them to get out to all 25 commercial corridors, and that is why we are creating an additional two spots so we have
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people going out into the neighborhoods, bringing their expertise and how to coordinate with all these different agencies to make sure that the permits that they need in the permission or the reviews that have to be done are coordinated so that it is not honored their time. it is on our a dime. i think that is a great investment. it helps our small businesses so that they do not have to suffer the time commitment or the frustration of not knowing. sometimes people are not at their desk when you like them to be. they cannot answer the phone. they are out and about doing their other work. so they will get that information or they will get delayed for days on end. we do not want that to happen. when that the results of it, it is job creation. as you know, i could talk all day long, and i will not today, but i will in the coming weeks. again, it is about jobs. it is about the job creators and small businesses that create some many jobs. i want our job creators, our
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small businesses to spend time expanding, improving their wonderful assets that they have in the public-private partnership, and they can do so if they get a little help. that help will be not only from the invest in neighborhoods program but also from our jobs squad and those that will be out here proactively seeking to help them out. not just here but along central market. there will be out in taraval. there is some need in attention out there. there will be out in the excelsior. they will be in the bayview and visitation valley. they will be there at clement street where a couple of vacancies have shown up. all the areas. portola, approach for arrow, all areas that are of great concern. they all host wonderful restaurants, bakeries, small business-serving entities that are vital. as i said at the start, one of the beautiful things to san
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francisco, it is unique neighborhoods and all the different cultures it represents. all of them along martins -- market street and along the tenderloin, many are here today. they're proud to be here. i am proud to be with them making this announcement. we want to make sure they are never lost in this budget. they have their rightful place in our cities. they are vital to our job creation. certainly, i enjoy, when i go out on the weekend, all of our corridors and making sure we pay attention to them. all the collaboration has to happen to make them successful. when visitors are through with all the golden gate bridge and taking pictures, the green background, and others, as well as fisherman's wharf, many of them are asking, what else is there? they are excited about our neighborhood corridors. i am excited every weekend when i get out after my round of golf. so these are the highlights of
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our invest in its neighborhoods, our job squad program. we want to make sure we announce that in the neighborhood where i think people are going to field is a very quickly, and now if i may introduce our host supervisor, jane kim, who knows this neighborhood very, very well. [applause] >> thank you, mr. mayor. i truly have the honor of representing this neighborhood that we stand in today, which is the tenderloin. i love, love this neighborhood. the reason why i love this neighborhood is because of the people that make it run. they stand here today. besides the small businesses will be introducing, i want to recognize a couple folks here. one of the most important elements of the tenderloin, which is something that a lot of community folks have fought over the last several decades for, is affordable housing in the neighborhoods. i want to recognize randy from the tenderloin housing clinic. [applause]
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don from the tenderloin in a neighborhood development association. and those from housing partnership. we have one of our most beautiful hotel residential owners. kathy from the cadillac hotel. if you have not gone, usually on the second friday, they host a monthly jazz concert series free for the neighborhood, along with the north of market community benefit district. nina is here to represent north of market cvt. it is amazing program we have, and i invite you to come to that. i also really want to thank the partners in our city that have worked so closely with our office to continue to make the tenderloin what it is, which is a vibrant neighborhood with services and small businesses and housing. i want to recognize mohammed nuru from dpw. he works 24 hours. we have a lot of requests from the tenderloin, and mohammed nuru is always there.
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i know the captain is not here. i think we have the best police captain. sari, carmen. i think we have the best police captain in the city. he is not here, but he does an amazing job in keeping our neighborhoods safer. , to recognize the work of the men and women who serve our residents. we work really closely also with jeff buckley from the mayor's office. he has spent years being an organizer and service provider in the tenderloin. answers every single one of our calls. of course, naomi kelly and bill barnes from the city administrator's office. thank you for working so closely with our office. we care deeply about our neighborhood. it is a rich neighborhood that deserves a lot of our attention. and to keep it to be what it is. to talk a little bit about our neighborhood, we have several of our small business owners to talk a little bit about what their experience here, particularly in little saigon,
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which is a cornerstone of the tenderloin neighborhood. it is amazing what little saigon is for the tenderloin in terms of the vibrancy of the small business and the activities. also, the people they employ here. also, our businesses are truly family businesses. every owner we invited also brought their children, their kids with them as well. the first family i want to invite was steven and kathy from turtle tower. they keep city hall going, because the fetus on a daily basis. i wanted to see if they would come up. [applause] >> hi, thank you, everybody. >> thank you, everybody. i am very proud to be here. one of the small businesses here in the tenderloin area. and this area, to us, is a very important one. right here, we have a lot of the
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offices including federal. we have this going on everyday in many towns. we're very excited about this city. a lot of people come over. here in little saigon, we have tried the vietnamese food as well to represent the real saigon. hopefully to make it better and better every day and bring more people here. that is what i want to say, thanks for the help from this city, the supervisors. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, mayor. thank you, mohammed nuru. >> awe. [laughter] >> good luck.
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thank you. >> said it is to follow a in a little bit on what the mayor said, a turtle tower will be expanding. please look for us but we will expand to three doors down here. about 2013, there will not be any problem waiting in the rain are in the sun. we will have a perfect coverage and shelter. thank you for everybody's support. this place means a lot to us. now that we are a part of the community and a prominent merchant for little saigon, we hope we will develop more jobs and provide more services to everybody. thank you. [applause] >> kathy is a product of our public schools here in san francisco and not only speak us in delicia -- english but speaks
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vietnamese, cantonese, and spanish. she will probably be taking my place. the next small business helps city of going in feeds us, burmese kitchen. i wanted to bring up dennis and his son winston. [applause] >> thank you for inviting us. to what to everybody here. mid businesses across the street from the federal building, called burmese kitchen. i started out eight years ago with this name, selling the sandwiches. the first type. what we're doing, we cannot survive, you know. finally, four years later, i was
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thinking of extending a different type of food in the area. so i finally started out with burmese kitchen in the past, we must give up a couple times. within a month, somebody tried to break in during the nighttime two times. so i almost gave it up. but i had nothing to do after i gave it up, so finally i stuck with that and i kept moving on. this is moving really well. safety is really well. thank you to everybody. [applause] so, thank you for inviting me and letting me have a chance to talk about that. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> dennis also imports his ingredients straight from burma and truly cares about the food he made this -- he makes. i wanted to recognize two more people. mr. chew and his daughter who has been working closely with our office on revitalizing this neighborhood but also, philip from southeast asian community center. they have been a stalwart here in the tunnel in supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by immigrants. >> thank you, supervisor. as you can tell, we're very excited about this program. i also want to recognize our city family. tom from the arts commission. joselyn from the entertainment commission. a member from grants for the fourth arts. neighborhood empowerment neighborhood. i am sure there is more. now have the honor of introducing the chair of the
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budget committee with the board of supervisors, supervisor carmen chu. [applause] >> good afternoon, everybody. my name is carmen chu. i was just told that if i do not agree with this, i better speak now. [laughter] luckily, this is something that i am very pleased and happy to be here for. i actually had bird droppings on myself before. when i asked my mom, she said, how often does that happen? so maybe that is a sign of good luck. so that might be a reminder of all the work we have to do. i think one of the things i am very proud of is, mayor, you going out to our neighborhoods and putting your words were your pocket is, making sure we are spending money were you said you weren't. >> we would not let lani got to the taraval street in my neighborhood and your dog away from the ocean out to 19th
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avenue. we saw many things along the way. areas of this repair. blocks were we had many vacancies, as well as buildings converted to a different uses. then some small pockets of the vibrancy. i really wanted to say thank you for making this investment. if there is anything we could be doing more for small businesses, i would support that. i myself grew up in a small business. my parents ran a restaurant. i was there helping out and helping to wait on tables and cleaning the restrooms at a small wage through college. i understand how hard and difficult it is to run a small business. anything we can do to help comme our small businesses vibrant and to support our families, that is very important. finally, the part that is really exciting, even today was the district's sixth show in terms of the merchants and came out, the fact that this is going to be city-wide in nature. one of the things that i know that the office of economic and workforce development has really done is to make sure they are
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looking at places and really saying, what does each community need? it is not one-size-fits-all. each community is different. as you can tell what i am wearing today, this is sunset district of tyre. medina district 6 attire. we all need something different in our businesses. i wanted thank you for recognizing the uniqueness of our neighborhoods, and i look forward to working with you. thank you and congratulations. [applause] >> and now i had the honor of inviting randy shaw from the tenderloin housing clinic to come up and speak. >> thank you. of course, what you think may yearly who has been done in the neighborhood a lot. there are a few other business people here. phil's coffey, who is opening up a new branch. we have depak patel who owns
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the heartland to tell the on the street. he is working to restore a five- story neon sign. he is picking up most of the costs. we also have one of the largest property owners in the neighborhood here. i am sure there are others that i have missed. having spent a lot of time with tenderloin small businesses, we put together of town tenderloin, a walking map. the historic district with all these businesses on geary. a great corridor. in the course of my staff meeting with every single business between polk and taylor or o'farrell and geary, i can tell you that we needed jobs squad. those businesses in the area, they are working all the time. they do not know what is available. they can i go to hearings. having people going out to them is going to make a huge
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difference. i also want to call a people's attention to this part of eddy street. it is a two-way street starting here. that was not the case just three weeks ago. a document was enacted by the board of supervisors. proposed an two thousand five. and acted unanimously by the board in 2007 called the tenderloin little saigon transit plan. the first phase was not implemented in completed until two weeks ago. it makes eddy and ellis two-way street. it is a small business. the kurds are going too fast to see the businesses. they did not stop and look. we now have ellis street two ways. is at risk in here? i did not hear him get announced. but i want to thank him. when he took control of the
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product, he made it happen. rachel is here. she also helped with the little saigon plan. it makes a big difference because we have too much traffic in the tenderloin, and to the bed for business. bedcpmc development agreement will make all of -- the cpmc development agreement will make them both two way street. it will bring 135 pedestrian street lights in this neighborhood. a lot of people say it is not safe here at night. that is because it is so dark. we have the fewest streetlights pitiless places of five on a blood. we average one into, at most, three. within a year of that agreement being finalized, we will have 135 street lights more in the tenderloin, which makes a big difference. [applause] anaya also want to mention way down on ninth street, as you go down larkin, it becomes ninth
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street. that is where it twitter is moving in. it has market hall. all those people, a lot of the restaurants here are really crowded during the lunch hour, but they're not necessarily as crowded for dinner. this evening business, people the knowledge to come down here, it is not sick. we won all those twitter folks when they get off work, come on down to turtle tower. burmese kitchen. all the places up that street. this is a great place to eat at night. so give it a chance. mayor, thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. that concludes our press conference. the mayor is available for a few questions privately afterwards. so thank you. [applause]
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>> good morning. good morning. thank everybody for being here. what a wonderful, marvelous day in san francisco. commissioner david stern is almost clairvoyant in such a way. he is a marketing genius. years ago, he came up with the slogan "i love this game." when people say that, you know exactly what they are talking about. they are talking about an nba basketball game. one of its marketing slogans from this season is -- big things are coming. we had a great season. we are having a big playoff run right now. it is more than certainly
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appropriate for today because five years from now, there is going to be the most impressive of arena in america sitting right here on the spear -- this pier. i'm not sure there is any bigger news in the nba, except maybe that the warriors got a big man, but it goes along with the whole thing. today is the culmination of incredible vision by a mayor and a group of owners, who are 100% committed to creating something really special for the citizens of the bay area, not only basketball fans, but everyone interested in entertainment. it is rare that a sports team has the ability to impact an entire region. the building of this venue in the country will have positive ramifications on fans far and wide. that is unique, and that is what makes a tremendous day for the city of san francisco, the
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warriors, and the entire bay area community. i would like to introduce to you some of our speakers on the day is today. the city's 43rd mayor and the city's first asian-american mayor in the city's history. he is from seattle, i'm from tacoma, and we have that together. he is known as a job as mayor and an innovation mayor for his focus on job creation and economic development. ladies and gentlemen, san francisco mayor, ed lee. [applause] mayor lee: thank you. good morning, everybody. welcome. it is great to be reunited with my long-lost brothers, separated at birth. david lee, his younger brother. i just wanted to welcome all of you. we have a great representation of the whole city family here today. commissioners from our port,
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staff from our ports, the recreation and park department, our planning department, we have our board of supervisors from hong all of the different districts. we have representatives from chinatown, bayview, sunset, bernal heights, ever with this city is committed to working with the warriors to make sure we have this i read a billed by the 2017 nba season, and we are very committed to getting that done. the warriors have in the bay area's basketball team for 50 years, and today sets the stage for the warriors to be our bay area team for another 50 years. [applause] all right. it has been 41 years since the warriors played here in san francisco, and in my humble opinion, it is time to welcome them home. [applause] this new sports and
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entertainment facility will bay area residents. it will generate tens of millions of dollars in economic growth each year, and games and events will bring people from all over the region. the money they spend will benefit our local economy and our local businesses. this project will be more public transit accessible than almost any other are rena in the nation. it is accessible to bark, and unique, the ferries, and our new transbay terminal that will be up and running in the next three years, making it easier for people from all over the bay area to come to games without driving. this project will also be a responsible development. we're talking about taking a pier that has been the home and host of our ships coming from the military, and international cruise ships from all over the
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world, canada, and europe, but it needs a lot of work. it needs major work. it needs cleaning up and strengthening the site and making it usable. we are not developing on any existing green spaces. we will be adding new ones and bringing thousands of people to the waterfront. this project means enormous economic growth for our city. thank you for being here. i'm looking forward to a dedicated five-year joe and peter and all the warriors team. the new revenue we seek to have from this arena and this facility can be used with services for our local residents' needs and public safety. our schools. our whole repairs, public transit, programs for our youth
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and programs for our seniors. we look forward to working with you, all of the ownership, and i'm excited, and we are committed, and we look forward to getting this done. thank you very much. [applause] >> our next speaker led a distinguished ownership group in the purchase of the warriors had a record price of $450 million less than two years ago, and prior to owning the warriors, he served as a minority owner -- [laughter] he served as a minority owner of the boston celtics, including when the celtics captain the nba championship. now, his vision is to build a spectacular new arena on san francisco bay. [applause] >> thank you very much. thank you come and mr.mayor.
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this has been a remarkable journey for us. we did pay the highest price ever paid for an nba franchise, david. [laughter] david just called me the tire kickers. i do not think he is doing that anymore to. we have had a lasting five months of interaction with the mayor of san francisco, ed and his staff. it has been a wonderful five months. incredibly positive. justa can-do attitude about the project. there will be many challenges, but this next five years will be as big as the relationship we have had over the last five months. [applause] so, as the mayor said, we have just celebrated the 150th season in the bay area -- the warrior'' season in the bay area, and
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now, we embark on the next eight years. with the cost of this arena, it may take us 50 years to pay it back. we hope to be here, obviously, for a very long time, right here on this site in this very beautiful city. we put a lot of time and effort into this search. for the last 18 months, we have looked everywhere. we decided what is the best thing for our fans, where do we go, what will be best for our fans at games? how can we make this the best possible venue and team in the nba? we decided on this site. it was not an easy decision. we looked at a number of sites, and, you know, we are faced with a pretty tight timeline. our lease expires in 2017, so we have five years, and it takes probably all of that. it will be a tight timeline, as we discussed. it will take all that to get this done in terms of getting the permits and of that and
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building the arena. we are very, very appreciative to the home we have had in oakland for the last 40 years or so. it has been a great community, but what people do not understand is that in fact, our fan base is really the key/50, and we do not release this information all the time, but it is 50% on the west bay and 50% on the east bay, so we are the bay area basketball team, and we had to find the best site to serve the majority of our fans and provide that experience, and we settled at the end of the day on this site right here in this beautiful city. let me leave you with four main points as to why -- first, we intend to build the most spectacular arena in the country. for all bay area residents, not just an francisco, that they can